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Welcome to Eijlders, located in the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat, near the famous Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Whether you are looking for a typical Dutch pub, or bruin café, to visit on a trip to Amsterdam or a way to get to know the city and its inhabitants even better, Eijlders is the place to be.


What is a bruin café?
The name bruin café (meaning ´brown pub´) comes from the color of the walls, completely stained from centuries of thick tobacco smoke. As in Eijlders, most bruin café interiors have not changed much over the years, they are comfortable neighbourhood pubs, mainly frequented by loyal regulars.

Doesn't sound inviting? Well, don't miss out on a unique chance to mix with the locals in Eijlders! Because of Eijlders' location right beside the Leidseplein (see the map on theLokatie page), they are used to new faces.

You will also discover many historical details in this pub that started out in 1940 as an artists' and anti-Nazi hangout. The original interior is largely unchanged, with a slowly growing number of stained glass windows.

If you would like to be in an authentic Dutch ´surrogate living room´ to have a down-to-earth drink with some Dutch old cheese or the typical bitterballen: look no further!


Artists' hangout 
Even nowadays many poets, painters, writers and other bohemians crowd the place. Every third Sunday of the month Eijlders hosts a poetry afternoon, also frequented by English and American poets. There are always paintings on exposition on the walls. All together: a pub with character.

If you would like a
down-to-earth drink with some Dutch old cheese or the typical bitterballen, Eijlders is the place to be!
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